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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some HF Thanksgiving Logs

While waiting for the "gang" to arrive for a very
late Thanksgiving meal, I was tuning around the HF
utility bands. Here's what I heard ...

DATE: Thursday, 22 Nov 2007
TIME: 19:53 - 20:13 UTC
ANT: Stock Whip

19:53 UTC 8427 ssb NMN Portsmouth, VA - Morse Code IDs
19:55 UTC 8423 ssb WLO Mobile, AL - Morse Code IDs
19:57 UTC 8425 ssb NMC Pt. Reyes, CA - Morse Code IDs
19:59 UTC 8421 ssb WLO Mobile, AL - Morse Code IDs
20:10 UTC 7811 ssb AFRTS Key West, FL - Ed Schultz Show

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving!


Anonymous Larry Lanberg said...

Thanks for posting this. I hear these all the time on HF Marine bands and didn't know exactly what they were.

Larry Lanberg
Richmond VA
ICOM IC-R75 (12 stories up!)
MFJ-16010 tuner
Brass slinky

Mon Dec 24, 02:41:00 AM CST  

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