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Thursday, February 15, 2007

NDB DX'ing!

The other night I tried monitoring the longwave band using my Kaito KA1103 radio. To my surprise, I was able to log 8 NDB's (non-directional beacons). No fancy antenna - just the stock internal ferrite antenna of my KA1103. Here's a list of what I heard:

11 Feb 2007
0148 UTC 245 kHz ARM Wharton NDB, Wharton TX
0155 UTC 286 kHz EYQ Weiser NDB, Houston TX
0201 UTC 332 kHz *FIS Fish Hook NDB, Key West, FL
0203 UTC 347 kHz JPA San Jac NDB, La Porte, TX
0208 UTC 388 kHz SGR Hull NDB, Houston TX
0210 UTC 391 kHz *DDP Dorado/Luiz Munoz NDB, San Juan, PTR
0211 UTC 397 kHz *BWK Bunkie NDB, Bunkie LA
0214 UTC 418 kHz *CW Mossy NDB, Mossy LA

The asterisk (*) notes that these are NEW beacon logs for me.

Not a bad night! The more I use my KA1103, the more I am happy I bought it!!

73 & Great DX!!


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