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Monday, April 24, 2006

60 Metre Band Conditions

The conditions on the 60 Metre Tropical Band were super this past weekend! Using my Radio Shack DX-399 (a.k.a Sangean ATS-606) and the telescoping whip antenna, I was able to hear the following stations:

4777 kHz GABON RTV Gabonaise 0545 UTC (23 Apr 2006)
5005 kHz EQUAT GUINEA Radio Bata 0600 UTC (23 Apr 2006)

No tape recordings, however. Maybe next time!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Radio Slovakia International QSL

Received a QSL card in 25 days from Radio Slovakia International for my reception report sent on 13 March 2006 via e-mail.  My report outlined my reception of Radio Slovakia's English-language service on 7230 kHz from 0117 UTC to 0130 UTC on 13 March 2006.  The announcers listed the website Radio Slovakia URL as and the English-language service's e-mail address as  The card was signed "Good to have you join us!  Pete Miller" and has a beautiful picture of Bratislava Castle on the front of the card.  [SETXDXER]

Radio Cultural Coatán 4780 kHz

GUATEMALA - Radio Cultural Coatán, 4780 kHz, heard at 0230 UTC on 07 Apr 2006 (9:30 PM CDT on Thursday 06 Apr 2006). Totally surprised to hear them with such strong, clear signals! They were as strong as Rebelde 5025 kHz! Many mentions of "Radio Cultural Coatán" by male announcer along with melodies played on a marimba. Heard them using my Radio Shack DX-396 and its telescoping whip antenna. I'm hoping the 60 Metre SW band will become as active as it was back in the late 1970's!! [SETXDXER]

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Welcome to my new blog, the "Southeast Texas DXer." It's my personal experiment in web publishing and AM/FM/SW DXing. As long as I have the time to devote to the blog, I hope there'll be interesting content.

Remember to use good "netiquette" when you post your comments and replies!

73s and GREAT DX'ing!